Voor lessen via Skype // per lezioni attraverso Skype // for lessons by Skype

An introduction

My name is Robertha Huitema and I'm the teacher of Robertaal. In 2002 I graduated from the University of Amsterdam where I studied Italian linguistics and literature. In 2003 I got the postgraduate teaching diploma for Italian.

In 2006 I received the lower secondary school teaching qualification for Dutch and in 2009 I graduated again from the University of Amsterdam, this time I studied Dutch as a second language.

In 2010 I obtained the certificate competent second language teacher from the professional association BVNT2. 

In 2014 I obtained the diploma of TPRS teacher from TPRS Nederland, actually the TPRS Academy.

Last but not least I'm examinator of the Dutch integration exam, of intermediate vocational education and of the State Exams of the Italian language.

Dutch Grammar (NT2)

In 2011 was published a grammar that I wrote. The title of this grammar is: Grammatica Nederlands (NT2), Glashelder overzicht op elk taalniveau, published by Van Dale Publishers.

This grammar gives the grammar rules for every level.

De fles op het strand

In 2015 was published a booklet that I wrote with the title De fles op het strand (The bottle on the beach). The booklet is written at A1 level and it tells the search of a young man after finding a bottle on the beach, a bottle with a letter in it.

This booklet is for everyone who wants to read an easy story in Dutch, but it is particularly suitable for the TPRS classroom. On the site of Arcos Publishers you can buy this booklet and, moreover, you can download a pdf with suggestions to use during the reading in the classroom.

Again by Arcos Publishers is published a translation of a booklet written by the originator of TPRS, Blaine Ray, titled Arme Anne (Poor Ann). This booklet is also written at A1 level.

Verb grammar Dutch

In 2016 was published, again by Van Dale Publishers, a verb grammar written by me. Most questions in relation to Dutch verbs find their answer in this book. Among other things you'll find tabels with irregular verbs and the coniugation of English verbs that are used in the Dutch language and a lot more.

Work experience

Since 2000 I teach Italian merely to adults but for three years I thaught Italian to scholars of the 4th class of Havo and the 5th class of VWO at the Spinozalyceum at Amsterdam.

From 2006 I teach also Dutch as a second language merely to persons that have to integrate in the Dutch society, but I thaught also at expats. I have a lot of experience for every level. I gave in company training lessons of Dutch and I gave intermediate vocational education level 1. At a summercourse I thaught Dutch at German students that wanted to study in the Netherlands. They needed to grow from level 0 to B2 in six weeks.

Because I live regularly in Italy I only teach with the help of Skype. I teach with Skype since 2013 and I have build a large experience in this way of teaching.

From 2011 I teach with a method called TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling). With this method a student doesn't have to study a lot. He or she learns the language in a natural way like a child does. For more information about TPRS click here.