Voor lessen via Skype // per lezioni attraverso Skype // for lessons by Skype

How much do Dutch lessons cost?

The lessons will cost € 40 an hour. Furthermore you have to buy some books. It depends on your wishes what books to buy and how much they will cost. 

It is possible to attend to the lessons with two, three or four persons, each one with his own computer. The costs then will be:

2 persons: € 25 an hour each

3 persone: € 20 an hour each

4 persone: € 17,50 an hour each

The fee is  21% VAT inclusive.

After registration we will establish the time for 5 lessons that have to be payed in advance. After each cycle of 5 lessons it's possible to establish a new one.

A lesson can take one, one and a half or two hours.